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The canyon has a mix of branded and wild horses. The stallion was actually owned by our guide David.
Canyon del Muerto Petroglyph Panel in Sepia_Canyon de Chelly from Spider Rock OverlookFirst Ruin Canyon de ChellyFirst Ruin Canyon de ChellyJunction Ruin Canyon de ChellySliding House Ruin from Overlook _D3L3407-ed _Canyon de Chelly from White House OverlookWhite House Ruins from OverlookWhite House Ruins Canyon de ChellyCat Rock Canyon del MuertoAntelope House Ruins panoPetroglyphs Canyon del MuertoBasket Maker Shelter Canyon de Chelly_Lightning Petroglyphs context Canyon del MuertoLightning Petroglyphs detail Canyon del MuertoNarbona panel petroglyph Canyon del MuertoStanding Cow Hogan Context Canyon del MuertoStanding Cow Hogan Detail Canyon del MuertoSpider Rock Vertical panorama from OverlookCactus flowers